Paytm Set Wet Offer : Grab Rs. 10 paytm Cash free

Paytm Set Wet Offer : Grab Rs. 10 paytm Cash free

Something we never thought in our entire life that few things are free in this world and exclusively Oxygen is one of them. No, we are not here talking about the essential life gas “oxygen”,¬† but today in mood to provide you same sort of comfort like a free stuff if you use internet frequently. Just go to and grab a fantastic offer called “Paytm Set wet Offer” and get Rs. 10 absolutely free in your account as a cash form.

The amazing and fascinating deal will smile on everyone but this great offer is only valid if you purchase the set wet sachet worth Rs. 10 and get the coupon code inside this sachet and  apply it on the Paytm site to get Rs. 10 cash deposit in your Paytm Wallet.

The Paytm Set wet offer to earn 10 Cash in your Paytm Wallet without much effort. The scheme is valid until 30 March 2016

The simple step everyone should follow to grab the Paytm Set wet offer

Best and super option to visit any market store or your nearby grocery shop to purchase a Set wet packet.

  • There is Coupon code inside the Sachet, open it very carefully and keep the code aside.
  • Now open Paytm App or visit the web store using your laptop.
  • Enter the Coupon Code on set wet offer page hit the proceed button.
  • You must be log in to your account or register it on
  • Get Rs. 10 Cash in your Paytm wallet using the Set wet offer page.
  • Enjoy, you must enjoy it
  • offer can be utilized maximum 3 times per user so best trick to create 2-3 account to get more benefit.
  • Official page –

The same Paytm set wet Rs. 10 offer is valid if you buy a scheme related product from the store. So ask your shopkeeper about the scheme before buying sachet from any store.